In La Jolla, Stripes Do a Cannonball | The Feast
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We're Loving by Chantal Gordon Apr 5, 11:25AM in Shop

In La Jolla, Stripes Do a Cannonball

In La Jolla, Stripes Do a Cannonball
The Feast/Chantal Gordon Planning a Palm Springs weekend?

Full-throttle stripes might be everywhere for spring and summer, but in S.D., a trend isn’t truly a trend until it’s interpreted as swimwear. At Laura Gambucci, this Jean Paul Gaultier maillot ($450) takes businesslike diagonal lines on a tipsy jaunt to St. Tropez. The single Hellenistic shoulder adorned with not one but two layers of ruffles would be just as effective poolside at The Parker as it would be on the Côte d'Azur.

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