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Best Sellers by Chantal Gordon Aug 15, 12:30PM in Shop

Kate Spade Book Clutches Turn Classics Into Bestsellers

Kate Spade Book Clutches Turn Classics Into Bestsellers
Chantal Gordon/The Feast The clutches have that library-book sheen, for an extra shot of nostalgia.

Kids aren’t the only ones concerned about fresh back-to-school looks; the grown-up shoppers at Kate Spade in Fashion Valley are also eyeing a stylish way to hit the books this season.

Recently, clutches made to look like literary classics have been hitting red carpets and the front row, and San Diego is into it too. At the local Kate Spade, known for its crisp, femme accessories, the collection of book clutches ($325 each) modeled after novels like “Great Expectations,” “Romeo & Juliet,” and “A Tale of Two Cities” have been selling like hotcakes, store manager Martha Swain tells us. At the top of the best seller list? “Emma” and “Pride & Prejudice,” says Swain, who adds that the latter sold out before its initial shipment even hit the floor. The bags consist of printed cotton twill “covers” preserved under clear PVC, with leather and metallic detailing.

Extra points go to the perky, black-and-cream striped lining and the in-store display, which features the clutches stacked up with, well, actual books.

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