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Two Minutes With by Chantal Gordon May 16, 09:35AM in Shop

Neiman Marcus Men's Fashion Director Nick Wooster Defends Shorts, Shows Us His Shoes

If the many, many, many online paeans to his swag are any indication, Nick Wooster — men’s fashion director for Neiman Marcus — is like catnip to street fashion photographers. (Our favorite Tumblr nickname for him to date: “Woost-God.”)

And it’s a justified fuss. Wooster’s iconic looks include skinny suits with abbreviated pant legs, luxuriously abused brogues, and rolled-up shirtsleeves that offset a riot of tattoos and impeccably sculpted hair. He recently stopped by Neiman Marcus to show men how to freshen up their closets for spring and summer.

In case you missed his visit, Wooster sat down with The Feast to talk easy-to-adopt trends (“It’s like the ginger ale of menswear,” he describes one essential) and to describe the role of the sneaker craze in menswear’s ongoing renaissance. He also sheds light on what it’s like being a style-blog icon. Is it just us, or did we make him blush?

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